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Bittersweet Freedom 2016

Bittersweet Freedom is a single varietal Hyslop crabapple cider. Hyslops can have high acid and high tannin in good years, but generally only produce a crop every other year. 2016 was a great year for the Hyslop with intense acidity and tannin so concentrated that the flesh of apples was pink, resulting in a cider that will age extremely well. The 2016 vintage of our Hyslop crabapple cider Bittersweet Freedom was aged on lees for 9 months, and racked once, just before packaging. Bottle conditioned.

Dressed Up to Party

Cider with Red Plums, Riesling and Riesling skins.  Dressed Up to Party was macerated on 200g/L whole red plums, blended with 7% Riesling and aged on Riesling skins for 3 months. It's got an herbal mint/basil note, the tiniest touch of smoke, and silky textures from the plum/Riesling skins.  Party Time.

Emergent Property

Emergent Property is our Apfelgose recipe (cider made with lactobacillus, sea salt, and coriander) aged in Tequila barrels straight from Mexico and finished off with fresh limes. This cider has serious lime aroma, layered with the earthy citrus nose of toasted coriander. Subtle tequila character is brightened with a touch of salt on the finish. Big margarita vibes. Bottle conditioned.


We fell in love with Spanish Sidra years ago, and have been looking for something similar in our cidery for a while now. Given the fickle nature of natural yeasts, this proved more difficult than we thought. In 2018, one of our tanks tasted just right. Estrella has a pronounced lemon peel aroma, soft lactic character, minerality and restrained volatile acidity, all derived from a spontaneous ferment. Tart, refreshing, and so so elusive. Bottle conditioned.

Extra Soif

Extra Soif was born out of a funny quirk of having only two staff members. Because we were so short handed, we had to bottle Soif over the course of a couple days. So the last bottling run had an extra 24 hours of skin contact on the Gamay skins. The result is a version of Soif that's dialed up to 11. Slightly more tannin, slightly more fruit character. To make the original Soif we blended spontaneously fermented ciders aged on cherries and strawberries and added one metric ton of whole cluster Gamay skins for an extra month of skin contact. Fresh aromatics, light tannin, zippy acid. This version was just on Gamay skins for an extra 24 hours.


Harblaze is a barrel of cider we made back waaay back in 2016. We aged it in a rye barrel for 8 months on 200g/L of Harblaze nectarines (Niagara grown) and bottle conditioned it for another 13 months. Lots of vanilla and cream from the barrel, with well integrated stone fruit character. Peach cobbler.This is a pretty fun blast from the past because it was actually the first year we started making fruited ciders, that is: cider with fruits other than apples/pears. We’ve learned a lot since then, but mostly that nectarines are way better than peaches. More flavourful, better character from the skins, more get the point. We didn’t know this then, we just happened to get lucky...and meet the right farmers.The Rye character in this has mellowed into a graceful beauty over the last 3 years. The nectarines are soft and subtle but well integrated as part of the whole. We don’t often release spirit barrel aged ciders, so this feels like a special detour on our cider making journey. 28 cases made. This bottle has conditioned to about 3 volumes of CO2. Refrigerate before opening.

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