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Waves 30L Keg

Waves 30L Keg

Waves 30L Keg

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Waves is a cider with red + blue plums, blended with a Montmorency cherry cider.

Each fruit has built on top of each other to create something wildly crushable.

Waves is our attempt to enhance the depth of each individual ingredient by bringing them together in a single neat package. 

What's it like? Waves starts with chamomile and sweet plum in the aroma. The flavour is easy, with a touch of acid and a gentle salinity. Spiced Montmorency cherries fill out the soft, floral nature of the plums. A whisper of plum skin tannin gives this rosé-adjacent blend just the right amount of texture.

It's an incredibly drinkable, supremely balanced liquid that would make Goldilocks proud.

5.7% ABV | 30L Keg

Ingredients: Apples, blue and red plums, Montmorency cherries. Gluten free.

Wild fermented, zero added sugar, vegan.

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