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Dressed Up To Party 30L Keg

Dressed Up To Party 30L Keg

Dressed Up To Party 30L Keg

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Dressed Up To Party is a co-ferment of apples + dark plums, Gewürztraminer and skin contact Seyval Blanc. 

It's bright and whimsical, like rosé from a brighter timeline. The blend is 85% cider macerated on whole red and blue plums for 8 months, 5% Gewürztraminer and 10% Seyval Blanc, fermented on skins for 3 months.

What's it like? The apple/plum co-ferment has transformed the rich, sweet plum skins into an aroma that reminds me of marshmallows.

It's not sweet at all, but the marshmallow note balances crunchy apple acids and sticky Seyval Blanc tannins perfectly.

It drinks like fruit gusher filling and green pineapples with that tart crunch factor we just love.

Party Time!

6.8% ABV | 30L Keg

Ingredients: Apples, Red Plums, Blue plums, Grapes. Gluten free.

Wild ferment, zero added sugar, vegan.

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