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Etta Wholesale Bottle
Etta Wholesale Bottle
Etta Wholesale Bottle

Etta Wholesale Bottle

Etta Wholesale Bottle

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Etta is Blaufränkisch with organic tarragon. Picked and pressed in 2020.

Adding herbs to wine is nothing new. But Etta is a wine unlike anything we've made before.

We let Blaufränkisch steep with tarragon from our garden. It's cozy—like your favourite sweater making its way out of your dresser for the first time in the fall.

We let Etta age in bottle for almost 3 years before release, to let the grapes and stems become old friends.

What's it like? The aroma is out of this world. Licorice pipe, cream soda, Tonka beans and vanilla.

The wine itself is wide and brandy-like, with a clarified sweetness like candied cherry pits. Balanced acid, and lingering perceptual sweetness throughout, with notes of ripe Balaton cherries and almonds to finish it off.

Drink this wine as a digestif, or as an aperitif with pickled herring, Scandinavian cheeses and elderflower jam.

11.8% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: Blaufrankish grapes, organic tarragon. Gluten free.

Wild fermented, unfiltered and unfined. Vegan.

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