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9.8%, 750mL

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Lantana represents many firsts for us.

The first grape we pressed ourselves. Our first hybrid white. The first taste of the real and pure exhaustion of harvest season in a winery.

It was a pretty steep learning curve last year, from never having pressed grapes before to frantically trying to get a press from the 1950's operational in time for harvest.

We learned a lot: about machinery, about fruit and about ourselves. It's a pretty incredible thing to push yourself through 14 hour days for months on end to painstakingly make juice you can only hope will be delicious one day.

We're happy to report that Lantana is delicious. Made with Seyval Blanc, a white hybrid grape. Planted in 1978. It drinks somewhere in between Riesling, Melon de Bourgogne and Chardonnay.

Petroleum Jelly. Pineapple acid. Hanging up your linen in a meadow of white flowers.

Lantana is a Pét Nat, with robust carbonation. Refrigerate overnight, and pour with glasses at the ready. Easy. 

This wine is also incredibly stable. Save your bottle and drink the rest on day 3. Its growth in the open air is a really lovely experience.

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