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Lees Blanc
Lees Blanc
Lees Blanc

Lees Blanc

Lees Blanc

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Lees Blanc is a blend of cider, perry and skin contact Riesling, aged on the lees of 2 different russet ciders.

Lees Blanc is a riff on our mainstay blend: Oud Blanc. Also a blend of cider, perry and orange Riesling, the special thing about Lees Blanc is the lees (of course). We aged it on the lees of our Roxbury and Reinette Russet ciders.

Lees are the yeast cells that have finished fermentation and are sitting at the bottom of the tank—along with any small fruit bits from fermentation. Champagne's body and notes of brioche are from extended ageing on lees.

What's it like?: Lees Blanc has that bready body too. It tastes like white grapefruit, citrus oils and macadamia nuts. The aroma is funky, waxy and floral, like jasmine and a touch of savoury Camembert.

It's weighty and delicate at the same time. Pear sweetness, wide like our favourite aged Champagnes, and zippy acid all in one. Lees Blanc is the perfect aperitif, but so food friendly too. Drink it with rich cheeses.

32 cases made.

7.2% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: Apples, Riesling, Pears. Gluten free.

Zero residual sugar. Wild fermented. Vegan.

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