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9.2%, 750mL

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Humans are funny creatures. In our never-ending quest to categorize and name things we sometimes forget that nature works in systems, not individual pieces.

Some things are better together. Some things defy definition.

Mü is a microdose of alcohol and a macrodose of aroma. A co-fermentation of Muscat and Riesling, trod underfoot and macerated as one.

It was clear to us that each of these grapes could lift the other if we stopped trying to segregate them intellectually. They were asking to play together.

Mü is visually rosé but literally orange. It refuses to be defined.

Bruschetta and olive oil. Tomato candies. Herbal bouquets.

A final thought:

It’s difficult to talk about the salubrious nature of a thing like wine. Alcohol, an inherently addictive substance, is also a carrier of flavour and aromatics. It is and has been an important part of the human experience for millennia.

Our Muscat grapes this year were incredibly low in sugar. This provided us with the opportunity to make a more healthful wine. Mü is just 9.2% and we couldn’t be happier.

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