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Ostara: Rose
Ostara: Rose

Ostara: Rose

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Bright and floral, this wild fermented cider is aged on golden plums and foraged ocean roses (Rosa rugosa) for months before packaging.

What's it like? This blend is tart, but creamy at the same time. The roses are subtle but firmly present, in both aroma and flavour. Woodsy tannins from the plum pits add a structure and richness that bring everything together in a delightful way.

The tart plums, floral aroma and creamy notes make this feel like a blend between Chenin Blanc and a rosé Gewürztraminer. If you're craving low abv sparkly rosé, look no further.

Wild fermented with our native microflora.

6.6% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: Apples, golden plums, De Chaunac grapes, foraged ocean roses. Gluten Free.

Wild ferment. Zero added sugar. Vegan friendly.

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