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Ostara: Rose
Ostara: Rose
Ostara: Rose

Ostara: Rose

Ostara: Rose

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Ostara Rose is foraged Ocean Rose petals steeped in dark plum cider.

Each year we get a little better at making cider. After years of working with flowers, we've learned that dried petals offer more nuance than fresh ones. 

This is our first vintage of Ostara Rose with dried flowers.

What's it like? Your first whiff is lychee and powdered orange peel. There's a flash of white pepper here too.

The roses are present but subtle: the bass line in this nuanced blend.

Ostara Rose is sour, not sweet, but drying the petals has transformed them into something better—more complex.

The tart plums, floral aroma and creamy notes make this feel like a blend between Chenin Blanc and skin contact Gewürztraminer. If you're craving low abv sparkling rosé, look no further.

6.4% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: Apples, red plums, blue plums, foraged ocean roses. Gluten Free.

Wild ferment. Zero added sugar. Vegan.

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