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Peas in a Pod (12-pack)
Peas in a Pod (12-pack)
Peas in a Pod (12-pack)

Peas in a Pod (12-pack)

Peas in a Pod (12-pack)

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Cider with blackcurrants, De Chaunac and Cabernet Franc. 2022 vintage.

Peas in a Pod is our very first time fermenting blackcurrants. They're a funny, delightful fruit, straddling the line between grapes, cherries and vanilla.

Folks (including us) have used currants to describe De Chaunac and Cab Franc wines—so of course we thought 'let's blend these things together'. 

It was the right call.

What's it like?: Peas in a Pod has huge blackcurrant aromas, with underlying notes of vanilla and wildflowers. De Chaunac grapes lend acidity, while the Cab Franc brings tannin and complexity.

This bottle is the best damn 'Lambrusco' you've ever had.

Bottle conditioned. 29 cases made.

7.5% ABV | $13.10 / 750mL (+deposit & HST)

Ingredients: Apples, Blackcurrants, Grapes. Gluten free.

Zero residual sugar. Wild fermented. Unfiltered & unfined. Vegan.

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