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Resinto is our take on Retsina, the resinated wines of Greece.

It's Riesling from 2021, aged in a single barrel lined with mixture of foraged spruce resin and beeswax from a local apiarist. We melted these down together, poured it into the barrel and rolled the barrel to line the inside.

The Riesling was fermented on skins for 22 days and aged in this barrel for one year before bottling.

What's it like? Aromatically, it's warm beeswax and apricot with a whiff of spruce. The texture is deepened by Riesling tannins, spruce astringency and a waxy width. Spruce is citrusy, adding a touch of acid too.

The spruce is prominent, but balanced. Resinto is an experience to be shared.

It's true Ontario terroir: trees, bees and grapevines.

10.2% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: Riesling, and a barrel lined with spruce resin and beeswax. Gluten free.

Wild fermented, unfiltered and unfined.

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