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Time and Place (Barrel Aged, 2019)
Time and Place (Barrel Aged, 2019)
Time and Place (Barrel Aged, 2019)

Time and Place (Barrel Aged, 2019)

6.5%, 750mL

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Time and Place is one of the toughest things we make. Getting the texture and aromatics right takes time.

Time for our native microflora to break down the starches in the tannic apple skins.

Time for oxygen to soften and brighten it just right.

Time for us think about harvest, and what it really means to work with something as ephemeral as fruit.

This version is more than just Time and Place that saw some time in wood. Five months on neutral oak softens the cider and lifts the fruit in a special way. The sum is more than its parts.

The aroma is apple pie cooling on a Provençal windowsill, lacings of honeyed white flowers and warm summer days lingering in the air. Candied apple dances on satin tannins with tight bubbles from bottle fermentation. This cider is taught with energy.

Backyard bocce and the Amelie soundtrack are the perfect afternoon with this bottle.

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