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The Spot You Told Me About
The Spot You Told Me About
The Spot You Told Me About
The Spot You Told Me About
The Spot You Told Me About

The Spot You Told Me About

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The Spot You Told Me About is our first ever Vermouth.

Made with a base of apples, pears, blue plums and foraged botanicals.

The botanicals here are: apple blossoms, wild lemon ginger, blue, red and Norway spruce tips and white pine shoots.

We're enjoying this vermouth on its own, over a big ice cube.

When we set out to make vermouth, we knew we wanted to do things seasonally and locally. That meant that instead of following an old world recipe, we looked to the fields and forests around us to find herbs and flowers, aromatic and bitter.

This vermouth is made exclusively with ingredients we were able to find in the spring.

Apple blossoms felt natural with the apple and pear base. Wild lemon ginger roots went in for an earthy edge.

We had hoped that the spruce and pine would add some bitterness - in reality they are mostly present in the aroma. This was unexpected, but still quite delicious. 

Overall, The Spot You Told Me About is a thing of beauty. Rosé in colour, sweet in flavour, but nuanced in aroma. It's one of the most unique things we've made all year and we're pretty excited about it.

17% ABV | 750mL

Lasts up to a month in the fridge once opened.


$500 from this release was donated to the RAVEN Trust. One of the key barriers to justice is the high cost of the Canadian legal system. RAVEN raises money to help First Nations tackle the big issues of treaty rights and protecting traditional land and ways of life from the relentless reach of expansion. Learn more here.

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