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6.8%, 750mL

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A Foraged Pét Nat.

Wildling is a project we're ecstatic about. We've wanted to work with foraged apples for quite a while, but without a press of our own it was impossible.

Last fall we purchased a very old press. After a fair amount of polishing, we got it working again. Our friend and forager Nicolas Querques knew of 10 wild trees with quality apples so he got to work gathering them with the help of his friends and family.

After pressing the fruit we let the juice spontaneously ferment with its own wild microflora.

We bottled it as a zero/zero Pét Nat to stay as true as possible to the wild fruit.

Carbonation is high. Refrigerate overnight and open with glasses at the ready. Very manageable if you do it right!

No added sulphites. 81 cases produced.

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