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Line Drawing

Spontaneously fermented cider, aged 5 months. Macerated on orange wine skins for 3 weeks. Drinks like a baby orange wine: chewy and tannic.


Orson was spontaneously fermented without sulphites, but we decided to be pirates and add grape tannins during fermentation. Tannins add a chewy texture while also having the cool effect of protecting the cider from oxygen. The result is a remarkably youthful, very drinkable cider that reminds us a wee bit of Normandy ciders.


Bartlett Perry, Barrel Aged 1 Year. The Petrol note of aged Riesling is one of our absolute favourite things on the planet and this Perry decided it wanted to do the exact same thing. All petrol, lemon and rocks, the natural pear sugars here are balanced with vibrant acidity. If you love old Riesling as much as us, this Perry is for you.


Single Barrel Release. Spontaneously fermented. Aged in collaboration with Escarpment Labs cofounders: Angus Ross and Richard Priess. We picked the Dolgos from Angus' personal tree, and aged this apple wine on dregs from Richard's experimental Sidra. Intense fruit aromas, textural and bright. Just gorgeous.

Soma 2017

Soma is a zero/zero Pét Nat apple wine. We cryoconcentrated the juice for Soma by letting if freeze outside during the winter of 2017. We then let the juice spontaneously ferment outside as spring temperatures rose and bottled it early to allow fermentation to finish in the bottle. Super fresh aroma with light funk. Restrained tannin, huge mouthfeel and fresh acidity. Nothing added, nothing removed. For best results, refrigerate upright and do not agitate prior to opening. The carbonation is lively. Sediment is normal.

Space Monster

Spontaneously fermented cider aged on smoked apples. Made in collaboration with Graft Cider (NY).

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