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Field Guide
Field Guide
Field Guide

Field Guide

Field Guide

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Field Guide is our newest collaboration with our pals the Grape Witches.

This spring we trudged through fruit and minerals together to create Field Guide: your handbook to the interactions between each of these natural elements.

Open your Field Guide and wade through weighty Gewürtz, tiptoe through the angular acid of golden plums, splash through streams of gritty pear juice and run your fingers over sun warmed clay and rough golden russet skins.

We’ll walk where the air smells floral—like chlorophyll and sunbeams. We’ll walk over riverbed clay and smell the smell of a leaf being born.

What's it like? Tart and saline, Field Guide is rich novella of texture and aroma. The body of Gewürtz is a jumping off point for sharp plum and acidity, smoothed over by our clay amphora and enriched with sweet pears and russet skins.

Like most high acid white blends, it benefits from a good chill before opening. The aroma is a complex mix of flashes of rose petals, glacial meltwater and plum leaves.

On the tongue it's tart and refreshing, with salty clay underpinning everything. Savoury russet skins and a drop of juicy pear finish off our journey.

Field Guide is us diving deeper into the biodiversity of our place. It’s a rejection of the globalization of food, and a hug of appreciation for the life that grows here.

7.5% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: Apples, pears, plums, grapes. Gluten Free.

Wild ferment. Zero residual sugar. Vegan.

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