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Yarlington Mill
Yarlington Mill
Yarlington Mill

Yarlington Mill

Yarlington Mill

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Yarlington Mill is a blend of bittersweet tannic apples from England and Normandy.

Primarily Yarlington Mill and Stoke's Red, it also features a small portion of Tremlett's Bitter and Frequin Rouge.

This old world cider is bittersweet, with grippy tannins and medium acidity. Canadian fruit tends to be high acid with our cold climate, but these traditional cider apples have about half the acidity of our other blends: letting the subtler sweeter notes of the fruit peek through.

What's it like?: We get whiffs of orange zest and peach nectar in the aroma, with an underlying Calvados note throughout. Yarlington Mill is rich, tannic and weighty with a kiss of funk—typical of traditional ciders from Normandy or the U.K.

This is our first time working with a few of these varietals and we couldn't be happier.

Ciders like this feel important in North America, rare but equal to any of the wines we proselytize here.

7.4% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: Apples. Gluten Free.

Wild ferment. Zero residual sugar. Vegan.

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